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Holiday Pay

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I have a client that wants to keep the employees at 40 hours per week.  This isn't a problem until we hit a holiday. The holiday is usually a typical 8 hour day.  If an employee has worked 33 hours and I do the 8 then they get paid 41 (no overtime).  The owner wants to just pay 7 hours for the holiday to make it to the 40 hours.  I don't feel this is correct.  If the manual states 8 hours for holiday pay that is what should be paid.    I feel if we are audited this would be an issue because we are not following the stated vacation pay in the company manual.  Does anyone have any direction or a place to direct me to back this up? Do I need to just be quiet and pay the 7?   Thanks in advance for any input....

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You could have them update their manual to state "holiday pay will only be paid not to exceed 40 hours per week." Or something along those lines. Just to be clear with employees. Or if the manual states that working over 40 hours per week is not allowed. 


This is just my opinion!

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@kimberly-knapp Thanks so much for the input!


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