About Us

The American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers was established in 1987 to:

Recognize bookkeeping as a profession—and bookkeepers as professionals.
Keep professional bookkeepers current on rules, regs and procedures.
Personally answer members bookkeeping and payroll and QuickBooks questions.
Offer professional education to expand skills, knowledge—and marketability.
Provide bookkeepers with job opportunities—or new clients.
Offer national certification—the Certified Bookkeeper (CB) designation.
Provide online bookkeepers' forums to share your knowledge and experience.

Our Founders

Stanley Hartman, Co-President and Executive Director, is former Senior Financial analyst, Doubleday & Company; former partner, Simon, Krowitz, Bolin & Hartman, Certified Public Accountants; former President, Newsletter Corporation of America.

Stephen Sahlein, Co-President and Director of Publishing, is former Executive Editor, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich; author Mastering Double-Entry Bookkeeping (AIPB, 2002); Editor, The General Ledger and Publisher, AIPB Continuing Education.

Key Staff

Barbara Regotti, General Manager, Educational Support Services Supervisor. Barbara provides support services to colleges and universities that give the Certified Bookkeeper course.

Patricia Beltran, Manager, Bookstore Services

Daniela Jarath, Supervisor, Member Services

Ronny Pozo, Supervisor, Fulfillment Services

Anthony Brown, Data Management Officer

Get the recognition you deserve as a professional —and keep your skills, knowledge—and marketability—up to date!