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Payroll JE reverse

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It's kinda complicated. I will try to explain it in the best way. My boss has two different companies and I manage two sets of QB account. However, the employees for both companies are under the company #1 payroll. Now, my boss want to see the cost of one employee under the company #2 no matter that company #1 will still pay it.

I need to do a JE to reverse the cost of the payroll/tax/deductions etc. of an employee since January. I have the numbers from ADP payroll report for all the deductions and payment to that employee, but I don't know how to do a JE to move all the cost  to a chart account that I have created as a long term liability for company #2. 

Then I have to go to company #2 and create the GE to post the info of that employee, no matter we are not paying it from there. 😣