Bookkeeping Hiring Test

Test that bookkeeper before you hire–FREE!

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This free 10-question test for firms on the accrual basis includes basic journal entries, corrections, accruals and deferrals and the bank reconciliation. (Tell me more about this test.) No calculator needed.

You may also select free test sections on:

  • Payroll – 5 questions
  • Depreciation – 5 questions
  • Merchandise inventory (see below) – 5 questions


  • Set a 20-minute time limit on the 10-question quiz. Add 10 minutes for each optional test section.
  • Require a 7 correct answers out of 10 or 4 out of 5)
  • Ignore questions on skills not required. For example, if your bookkeeper will not do the bank reconciliation, ignore the questions on this subject.