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Timely updates on required federal and state bookkeeping and recordkeeping rules, accounting procedures and payroll regulations. As a member, you get a concise 15-minute wrap-up of the latest changes in federal and state requirements in our General Ledger eletter.

You get free answers to your on-the-job bookkeeping questions, everyday payroll questions and QuickBooks queries. You can call the special toll-free phone number or email AIPB’s experts in bookkeeping, accounting, payroll and QuickBooks, M-F, 9-5, Eastern Time.

AIPB Services for Professional Bookkeepers—Members and Nonmembers

The Certified Bookkeeper (CB) Designation. Certified Bookkeepers (CBs) are to bookkeeping what CPAs are to accounting—the elite of the profession. Becoming certified can be the step that gets you that promotion or new responsibilities in your current job, get—or get you a better, higher-paying job.

For freelance bookkeepers, becoming a Certified Bookkeeper, can get you new clients, increase your fees for your freelance practice. Visit our Certification Program.

Professional Bookkeeping Training and EducationAdvance your skills, knowledge—and marketability—with convenient, self-teaching professional bookkeeping courses. Add these key bookkeeping skills and knowledge to your resume or profile in the comfort of your home or office—for as little as $39. Pass the free, optional Final Exam and receive a Certificate of Completion in that subject, suitable for framing to show your colleagues or clients. Special discounts for members. Moneyback Guarantee. All AIPB self-teaching bookkeeping courses are rated 5 stars by bookkeepers who use them.

Bookkeepers’ Online Forums .

Share your work experience, job questions and knowledge with colleagues. Sit in on any forum as a guest—to contribute your ideas and bookkeeping experience.  To share your work expertise—or to get help from other professionals for your special problems, become an AIPB member.

Free Bookkeeping TipsYou get a free Bookkeeping Tips every week—a practical bookkeeping, accounting, recordkeeping or employment tax tip. Easy to read, understand–and apply to your everyday bookkeeping.

Jobs Site. Use AIPB’s free bookkeeping job service to:

Bookkeeping, Accounting & Tax LinksOver 150 useful links internet links for bookkeepers to accounting, bookkeeping, bookkeeping regulation and tax websites . . . free specialized online calculators for bookkeepers . . . hard-to-find IRS payroll tax forms and employment tax forms. . .  industry-specific bookkeeping rules and bookkeeping regulations . . . bookkeeping management aids . . .  and more.

AIPB Services for Employers

Free Bookkeeper’s Hiring Test. Evaluate bookkeeping job candidates with free bookkeeping tests. Optional sections on bookkeeping for payroll bookkeeping for inventory and bookkeeping for depreciation—all free. Or find a bookkeeper on AIPB’s Bookkeeping Job Site. Find the right in-house bookkeeper or freelance bookkeeper for what your bookkeeping needs.

Get the recognition you deserve as a professional —and keep your skills up to date!

Get the recognition you deserve as a professional —and keep your skills up to date!