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I am a bookkeeper for a farm. I started a couple months ago. What I notice is they write checks out of the office in the checkbook and they do not let me know or give me slips. So most of these are a surprise and dont want to bounce there account. I have asked them to please provide me this info in an email. They dont. 

Also most of there bills are on autopay. I have organized a sheet so I can keep track. They pay all the bills through the bank and will not do the checks through quickbooks. They also do alot of COD.

Has anyone had this situation and can give me some advice on how I can get this under control. 



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I have given up trying to force or control my clients. They will always do what they want. You can count on that. What I do is show them the consequences of their actions and how it is costing them. IE: bank overdraft charges etc. Do the best you can do. Show them how you can help them if they follow your professional advice and when they don't, that's up to them because they own their business. That's all you have control over. Be kind and professional. That's your job. That's it.

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Hi Angelique!

If you have had trouble so far telling your Farm People Business in charge not to do these kind of things because is not good business to do so; and they just ignore you!! Then the best way to resolve your problem would be quitting from your Bookkeeper Services right away!! It is obvious that this business is not organized, and their lack of knowledge on Finance and Tax Return procedures, and so, on how to do things right on this kind of industry, will track this business to a threshold of failure!! Please, let IRS know about this business so can people from Internal Revenue Services would assist them on foreclouse their business. TY for the opportunity to reply to you! 


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