The Certified Bookkeeper (CB) Course for AA Programs

95% of Certified Bookkeepers recommend certification to other bookkeepers. See all the results of the Lewis & Clark (Raleigh, NC) survey inside this informative booklet.
  • Meets your workforce development goals. CBs get better jobs, higher pay—and are top performers on the job.
  • Offers local businesses applicants with proven competence confirmed by a third-party—the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers.
  • Gives your AA program a capstone focused on job skills and execution.
  • Is easy to implement and teach—we provide complete teaching aids and all student workbooks.

Everything you need to know is in The Certified Bookkeeper Program booklet. Just fill out the form to the right for an instant download.

Click here for an informative 17½ minute video that will get students to sign up for your CB course. It tells them:

  • What a CB is
  • How you get to be a CB
  • What being a CB can do for you in the job market

Watch it—or download it—and see.  Take a look now.