The Certified Bookkeeper (CB) Course for CE Programs

The Certified Bookkeeper (CB) Course for CE Programs

90% of Certified Bookkeepers recommend certification to other bookkeepers. See all the results of the Lewis & Clark (Raleigh, NC) survey inside this informative booklet.
  • You tap a huge local market. Every small business in your area either has a bookkeeper or uses one. And if you offer a basic bookkeeping course, this is the perfect follow-up.
  • Easy to implement—we find the instructor for you, provide all teaching aids. Students pick up their set of six workbooks from your bookstore.
  • Credit or noncredit. Your choice.
  • Is easy to implement and teach—we provide complete teaching aids and all student workbooks.

Click here for an informative 17½ minute video that tells you:

  • What a CB is
  • How you get to be a CB
  • What being a CB can do for you in the job market

Watch it—or download it—and see.  Take a look now.