Advanced Bookkeeping Courses

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Meet Your Instructor: Emily Plauche
Emily is a practicing CPA and CFO in North Carolina who has worked in many industries as both in-house CPA and external auditor financial consultant. She has taught the AIPB Certified Bookkeeper as a college course for years, successfully guiding bookkeepers through certification.

Mastering Adjusting Entries
You will be able to compute and record end-of-period adjustments, set up the trial balance, input your adjustments, set up the adjusted trial balance and see how it converts to the financial statements.

Mastering Correction of Accounting Errors
You will know how to find errors in accruals and deferrals … do the monthly bank rec, find and correct errors in it and record the corrections … find and correct errors in the trial balance and record the corrections in your books.

Mastering Payroll
Do a basic payroll yourself from: paying hourly v. salaried employees to who does or does not get overtime pay and what hours to include v. exclude in OT … from how to process a W-4 and complete the 941, 940, W-2 and W-3 using actual forms to how and when to withhold and deposit federal various employment taxes.

Mastering Depreciation
You will comfortably depreciate assets ((buildings, machinery, equipment, cars, SUVs and other vehicles) under GAAP under the straight-line, declining balance, units of production and sum-of-the-year’s-digits depreciation methods—then depreciate these same assets, including cars, for tax purposes.

Mastering Inventory
You will master the techniques of recording merchandise inventory using the perpetual and periodic methods—and how to cost inventory using the weighted- and moving-average, FIFO, LIFO and lower of cost or net realizable value methods.

Mastering Internal Controls and Fraud Prevention
Show your company or client how to prevent—or spot—employee theft, customer check fraud, customer credit-card fraud, vendor fraud and computer and internet fraud.