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Requirement for bookkeeper's holding documents  


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01/07/2020 9:41 pm  

Hi, AIPB members,


Because of the COVID-19, I've been working from my home office. One of my clients has faxed me her documents since March. She recently said "I was wondering what you did with the ones I send over to you. And would probably suggest or prefer that you shred them. I am not terribly comfortable knowing that copies of my invoices are outside of the store. My alignment with my vendor is very private and I would not want anyone to remotely have access to this information." She insists me to shred immediately after I finish inputting the data into her QB desktop.

Does anyone who has the same issue? How would you handle it? Did you have your client sign the document that you don't maintain the detail necessary to evidence your bookkeeping inputs? 


You know you always the one who gets to be blamed no matter what. I have cybersecurity insurance, I have a sonic wall over the firewall in the network, I have an e-fax that meets the HIPPA requirement. I am not what's the best way to answer her. Any suggestions or inputs? Please advice. Thank you! 




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