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[Solved] No experience. What do you recommend?  

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As the title says I have no experience in bookkeeping, but a few people recommended it to me because I am in a wheelchair and they said this would be very accessible and accommodating.

I have watched a couple videos on youtube about people starting freelance virtual bookkeeping businesses from home, and I love the idea of it!

So my question is as someone with no experience in bookkeeping, where do I start with that? I saw there are courses for individuals, AA, or CE. What are the differences, and which would be best for me? 

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

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If you have no experience, and little to no knowledge of accounting, i would start at the beginning!  Learn the basics first, then build on that.  You can take College courses, some are online, you can take the Bookkeeping course at PennFoster....again all training is self paced and mailed to you.  Once you have the basics down, you can order the AIPB books, and start learning those topics.

Hope this helps!

 Jennifer Wagner
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Hi Taylor! I started 25 years ago by taking Accounting I and II at my local community college. This will give you the fundamentals of the general ledger system and GAAP. From there, through a variety of jobs in different industries, I've gathered more and more information by experience. I recently completed the bookkeeping series through AIPB in order to gain certification, and I found it to be very comprehensive, and challenged me to refresh my knowledge of several topics. I highly recommend it, but I would definitely take basic accounting classes first.


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