Take your skills, knowledge—and marketability—to the next level. Master how to compute and record end-of-period adjustments, set up the trial balance, input the adjustments and set up the adjusted trial balance.

Everything you need in one package:

  • Instructor-led online lessons, reinforcement homework problems, comprehensive workbook with reinforcement quizzes to lock in your new skill, and optional open-book final exam. (Note: Workbook will ship to you after your 10-day trial has expired. View the student enrollment agreement.)
  • Self-paced—learn on your own schedule.
  • Access to your instructor with any questions.
  • A personal Certificate of Completion suitable for framing if you take the optional open-book final exam and achieve a grade of at least 70.
  • 1 month to complete (an extension fee may be charged)

Mastering Adjusting Entries is included in the online Certified Bookkeeper (CB) Prep Course.

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Instructor-led lessons • Self-paced—learn on your schedule

Lesson 1

  • Overview: the accounting cycle
  • Cash vs. accrual basis accounting
  • The chart of accounts
  • Normal balances
  • Adjusting entries defined

Lesson 2

  • Recording accrued revenue and accrued expenses
  • Different kinds of accrued revenue and expenses
  • Computing and accruing revenue receivable
  • Computing and recording expenses payable
  • How failure to accrue revenue and expenses affects the financial statements

Lesson 3

  • Recording unearned revenue—revenue received in advance.
  • How to compute and record adjusting entries for unearned revenue originally recorded in a revenue account v. unearned revenue account
  • Recording prepaid expenses
  • How to compute and record adjusting entries for prepaid expenses originally recorded in an expense account v. prepaid (asset) account

Lesson 4

  • How to compute and record other adjusting entries—bad debt expense, depreciation and others

Lesson 5

  • The chart of accounts
  • Preparing the unadjusted trial balance, entering the adjustments and preparing the adjusted trial balance
  • How the adjusted trial balance is used to prepare the income statement, balance sheet and statement of retained earnings
  • Basics of the post-closing trial balance

Final Exam

Take the open-book final exam online, attain a grade of at least 70, and instantly receive a personal Certificate of Completion in Mastering Adjusting Entries, suitable for framing.

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