Help your company prevent—or spot signs of—counterfeit check and credit card schemes. . . employee theft . . . vendors cheating you . . . computer and internet fraud . . . and other financial threats.

Everything you need:

  • Instructor-led online lessons, reinforcement homework problems, comprehensive workbook with reinforcement quizzes to lock in your new skill, and optional open-book final exam. (Note: Workbook will ship to you after your 10-day trial has expired. View the student enrollment agreement.)
  • Access to your instructor with any questions.
  • A personal Certificate of Completion suitable for framing if you take the optional open-book final exam and achieve a grade of at least 70.
  • 1 month to complete (an extension fee may be charged)

Mastering Internal Controls and Fraud Prevention is included in the online Certified Bookkeeper (CB) Prep Course.

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Instructor-led lessons • Self-paced—learn on your schedule

Lesson 1

Spotting employee inventory theft.

  • Red flags, including false sales, phony write-offs and other schemes.
  • 5 controls that prevent theft of assets.

Stopping employee theft before it starts.

  • 4 key factors to check before hiring.
  • How to use a fidelity bond for employees who have access to cash.
  • Key controls that prevent theft and fraud.

Lesson 2

Check fraud.

  • How to prevent—or spot—forged company checks, payroll-related check fraud, customer check fraud.
  • Systems that prevent check fraud.

Credit card fraud.

  • 10 schemes that exploit lost or stolen credit cards.
  • How to spot a counterfeit Visa, MasterCard or American Express card.
  • Recommended rules for company credit cards.

Lesson 3

How vendors cheat you.

  • Forms of bribery.
  • Telemarketing scams that target businesses.
  • How to check out a suspicious vendor before you buy.

Lesson 4

Computer and Internet fraud

  • How to implement password, laptop and wireless and remote access security.
  • Types of Internet crime and how to avoid them.

Final Exam

Take the open-book final exam online, attain a grade of at least 70, and instantly receive a personal Certificate of Completion in Mastering Internal Controls and Fraud Prevention, suitable for framing.

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