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Please bear with me...I will be meeting with my first client next week. I was wondering if you charge by the hour or item? How do you figure out your pricing? Do you charge for phone calls too? (O:    Probably all these things have all been addressed already. Maybe someone could point me to a master list?

Any ideas or suggestions for this newbie would be appreciated. I will be pursuing the CB designation. I do have a degree in accounting and business already and a few thousand hours of bookkeeping experience. 

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I charge what I feel my time is worth.  Charging by the hour only makes clients reluctant to communicate with you.  Experience and competition dictates.  How much is it worth to you to perform the work?  Some clients think I'm expensive and some think I'm cheap.

Robert Dunkel, EA

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I use a bit of a hybrid method, some tasks are flat rate, and others are hourly.  I have not had any issue with my clients not communicating with me, because of my hourly charge.  That may just be the area I live in.  If it is a short phone call or email, something I can answer in less than 5 minutes, I typically don't charge.  If someone wants to schedule a call, to go over something, then I charge my hourly rate.

All of this works for me and my area, but others maybe not.

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