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Why I come across QuickBooks Error 6177 appears while opening the file?  


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14/05/2020 2:51 pm  

Seeing QuickBooks Error 6177 brings a lot of confusion lies. I wondered what the cause of the error is. Here I have listed the causes of the error so that you can eventually get to know the solution for solve Error 6177 in QuickBooks.

1. The company file is corrupted or damaged.
2. Malware or virus has infected the user’s system
3. QuickBooks related files have been deleted accidentally

The reasons behind the error must be known so that solutions can be found with ease. If you are unable to locate the root of the Error 6177 contact the QB pro team.

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20/05/2020 6:20 am  

Follow these steps to solve QuickBooks Error 6177:

  1. Move the company file to your local system's C drive.
  2. Open the file from local system.
  3. Create a portable file and save it to C drive.
  4. Close company file.
  5. Restore the portable file from C drive and save it on the server.
  6. Close company file and then open it from the server.

I hope this helps!

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