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QuickBooks Online uncleared/unreconciled transaction from previous year  


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01/07/2020 11:22 pm  

Hello QuickBooks Online experts!

I need advice on how to remove uncleared/unreconciled transactions from last year from bank register in QB when books are closed and taxes are filed. It's not recommending delete them, especially when taxes filed. I know, that it should be done in the current year. These transactions usually are done by mistake or duplicates and affecting bank register balance in QB even if reconciliation for each month was closed properly. Would be happy to hear a few opinions and options.

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01/07/2020 11:31 pm  

Make an entry in current year, that offset's the original duplicate item.  You can either post it to the same expense it was originally posted to, or post to an Other Income/Expense account called Prior Period Adjustments.  Check off both payments in the bank rec.

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02/07/2020 12:01 am  

@casey-4 Thanks a lot for the advice!

I have different types of these transactions. Some of the small deposits, travel expenses, and one payroll check which was imported from third-party software by mistake (as I understood). Expenses and small deposit I can do an entry to offset, but payroll check not sure yet. I'm not doing payroll in the company, only import transactions to QB from the file, which company provides me. Anyway, thanks for the advice, I can clean up some transactions with confidence now.




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