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W-9 inquiry  


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26/06/2020 2:44 pm  

I issued a check the business name that is listed on Line 2 of the W-9.  The vendor states I should have issued it to the name on Line 1.  Which is correct?

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 Dennis Fazio
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26/06/2020 3:33 pm  

Normally, checks are made out to whatever is stated on the invoice. Ideally, the business would tell  you where they would like the check made to. If you don't have any info, best to ask, but lacking any info,  line 2 of the W-9 seems the next logical choice, since that is the "Business Name". It appears that line 1 is more for the IRS. 

 Lorin Browning
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27/06/2020 10:40 am  

What Information to Provide in The Online Form W9?

Read all the field labels to enter appropriate and correct details. Read the following instruction to clarify main points and make the filling process even more quick and simple.

  1. Provide your name as shown in your income tax return.
  2. Your business name.


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