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Amended 940  


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20/03/2020 12:24 pm  

I've discovered that the 2019 940 filed misallocated the total years liability of $1,724 all in the 4th quarter instead of listing each quarter's liability. My question is: to file the amended return, do I leave everything blank except for PART 5:Report your FUTA tax liability by quarter...…showing the liability for each quarter? Or do I complete the entire return, both pages showing wages, payments etc. Thanks in advance for your help

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 Casey Stokes
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20/03/2020 1:14 pm  

I am not looking at a 940 form, so I can't say for sure, but there should be instructions near the top, or look up the instructions on  

I just looked it up on, and for the 940, it appears you simply re-submit the 940 form.  That said, I would think you would want to fill out the complete form.   Search for 940.



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