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[Solved] Online/instructor lead courses for CB prep ...

 Jack Martin
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I have been googling around for online and instructor lead classes that will prepare me for the Certified Bookkeepers certification.  I found course work through ATU but their courses and certification point to a Bookkeeper's Certification associated with the National Bookkeepers Association (NBA) versus a Certified Bookkeeper, the AIPB association.  I also found the Certified Public Bookkeepers Certification, but this is geared toward public bookkeepting, something I am not interested in at this time.

Any direction help appreciate and also confused by the AIPB and NBA bookkeeping association; which prepares you better and generally more accepted in the industry.

Thank you!


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Become an AIPB Member, order their books to prepare for the CB Cert.  I believe AIPB is the most accepted..... Just my opinion.

 Sonya G
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Hello Jack,

Searching your local colleges was a good start because that is what I did in order to get training with AIPB.

There are colleges that actually partner with AIPB; so maybe if you contact them, they will supply the list of their partnering schools.? 

I can only speak for the state of California and the city of Oakland because that is where I reside. My local community/city college (Laney of Oakland, CA) has a certificate of achievement in bookkeeping with a certified bookkeeper exam review class. I took SIX classes in order to gain the knowledge and understanding of basic bookkeeping. It was the exam class that had me purchase ALL the books for the CB with AIPB. This class gave me a review of everything I learned in the other SIX classes and what AIPB required me to know: (which are industry standards.)  In my exam review class the instructor only used AIPB books as course material during the semester long ONLINE class.) (Of all the courses I took for my CA in Bookkeeping with Laney College, all but ONE of my classes were online.) 

(Laney College offers the Certified Bookkeeper Exam Review Class Once per year: Spring only) The class is online. (I'm not sure if you can take the class without prior work experience or other qualifying courses.) You would have to contact them in order to find out.

I chose AIPB for a few reasons. (Please note that I'm speaking from a view point of over 2 years ago in 2020.)  

  1. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics had them mentioned as an educator in bookkeeping
  2. AIPB is nationally recognized
  3. When I did MY research, they had better reviews than NBA 
  4. They had a better price than NBA
  5. I felt convinced for MYSELF when my local college had partnered with them 🙂 
  6. It's been a while, but it was just other things I researched which made AIPB the designation for ME. 


At the end of the day when you are trained in bookkeeping you should be able to understand what AIPB will require on their test. AIPB keeps with industry standards, so learning to be a FULL CHARGE BOOKKEEPER will help you pass any test. I'm saying all this to say, it all depends on your background or prior knowledge of bookkeeping. Either way if you pick a partnering school you will become an AIPB member and likely purchase their books.  

Let me know if this helps!




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