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07/01/2020 11:14 pm  

Hello! Maybe this question has been asked before but I couldn't find it. I just bought the books for the Certified BK course, but there is no clear order to the books. Is there a recommended order to study the books for the certification? Are there study groups on the forums? Or is it just ask questions on the forum if you get stuck? Any and all recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


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You can study them in any order you want.  Study, study, study, until you can answer the questions in the without hesitation!  Then, study just a bit more!  Pay attention as to how the questions are asked.  that will be the key to passing the exams.

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My suggestion is to make copies of the quizzes if you can and take them that way, to keep your book clean.  I have found that writing in my book has been a major distraction when I go back through them.  I made flash cards out of all of the questions I missed on each quiz and drilled myself before taking the exam.  

A study group is a great idea! I think people just post questions here.

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08/01/2020 10:20 am  

Thank you for your recommendations! I appreciate it. 

 Sonya G
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It could be helpful to study the books according to the test.

There are 2 test that are split into 2 sections each. (These test are given at the testing center)

The 1st test contains the following sections:

  1. Mastering Adjusting Entries (Which is the 1st thing to know) (Purple Book)
  2. Mastering Correction of Accounting Errors (Which is the 2nd thing to know) (Red Book)

The 2nd test contains the following sections:

  1. Mastering Payroll (Blue Book)
  2. Mastering Depreciation (Green Book)

There are 2 test that are at home test.

  1. Mastering Internal Controls and Fraud Prevention (Black Book)
  2. Mastering Inventory (Grey Book)

You can study in whatever order you like, but the test are in the orders listed above. Although the test have their set sections you can take your test in whatever order you like. Meaning: you can take payroll and depreciation before you take mastering entries and errors. You could also take the at home test before you go to the testing center.

If you need additional help you could order AIPB's book: Mastering Double-Entry Bookkeeping (Light Blue Book.) It's about understating debits and credits. It is a good foundational book before reading adjusting entries. It's for people like me who still struggled with debits and credits and needed to go all the way back to basics. It could also just be a good refresher book. 

I hope this helps!



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@Sonya G

Thank you for this outline! That is very helpful and I really appreciate it!



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