Your members-only General Ledger newsletter

Here’s just a sampling of what you get each month:

You get the latest bookkeeping and payroll rules, regs and procedures.
In minutes, you pick up the latest rules for paid v. unpaid hours (70% of employers do not know what they are) . . . when to withhold or not withhold on summer, holiday, part-time workers . . . when to withhold or not withhold on bonuses, gifts, prizes and awards . . . and more.
You keep current on recordkeeping rules and techniques—such as:
How to book company credit card bills that include personal charges . . . record leases at signing, then each month . . .  correct 941 and W-2 errors . . . and more.
You get time- and money-saving tables—such as:
Fringe-benefits chart: What goes where on the W-2, 941 and 940 . . . State-by-state rules for a final paycheck . . . State-by-state rules for what you must put on employee pay stubs . . . Where to find that source document or original transaction . . . and more.
You get practical tips—here are some tips right now:

  • If a customer gives you a postdated check, book it as Notes Receivable (not Cash).
  • Former workers who consult and do the same job as before are employees—not ICs.
  • You do not have to include paid holidays and sick days to determine overtime pay.
  • You use landscaper Ed Lee, DBA, Lee Enterprises; on the 1099, use “Ed Lee.”
  • A note extended to a customer is recorded at face (not maturity) value.
You keep up with your professional reading—even when you don’t have time.
We scan 100s of accounting, tax and business publications—then findthe 6-10 most useful nuggets for you.
You sharpen your skills with a Bookkeeper’s Quiz in each issue:
Makes sure you know the latest rules, regs and procedures.
You get a monthly payroll-tax deposit calendar.
Deposit dates for all semiweekly and monthly depositors
. . . and more!