Synergy Interactive LLC

Accounts Payable, Receivable and Payroll

We are seeking a part-time skilled bookkeeper to join our team. TASKS:: Manage the day-to-day financial transactions of the company, including processing payments, recording deposits, and reconciling bank statements & ensure that all financial data is properly entered into Quickbooks.

Contact Name:
Kimberlee White
Certified Bookkeeper preferrable: Yes
Type of Company:
Years of Experience Required: 5+ years
Starting Date:

April 1, 2023

Education Required:

B.A. Degree

Job Benefits and Options:
Flex Time
Necessary Qualifications:
Hands On Experience With Excel
Able to Prepare Payroll/Payroll Fed & State Quarterly/Yearly Tax Returns
Hands On Experience With Word
Experience with other Accounting Software
Experience with Quick Books
Number of Employees:
Less than 10
Company Profile (limit 300 words):

Synergy Interactive is a boutique affiliate network that specializes in providing direct response advertisers with new customers at scale. Our focus is on working with experienced affiliates who have a track record of generating high-quality traffic and driving results for our clients.