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Negative Accounts Receivable in QuickBooks  


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17/03/2020 1:01 am  

Negative Accounts Receivable in QuickBooks. What is best way to resolve this situation, if amounts are 1-2 years old. There is no invoices to match this payments. What kind of documentation is necessary to add for this move this amount to income account and is there limit on amount to move?

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17/03/2020 1:23 pm  

There are several things to check.  Are you seeing Neg AR in both cash and Accrual?   First, make sure all invoices are dated prior to the payment.  Look for AJE's to AR, that are making the account negative.  Pull up an Open invoice report, to see if there is a single customer, that is showing a negative amount.  Search for the amount, to see if it was mistakenly posted to the wrong customer.  


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