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As I'm approaching the end of my certification and having passed all the QBO pro advisor certification and soon to start with Xero's, I find myself closer to what would be the beginning of my Bookkeeping career. For the past few weeks I have been looking for job positions and at first I was shocked to see the amount jobs available out there: full time, part-time, hybrid, remote, you name it and don't get me started with the salary-on the high end to say the least. But my soon great discovery came to a grinding halt, as I would read each of those job positions every single one of them required the same thing: You must have at at least 3 years bookkeeping experience others asked for 5.And as I scrolled down the more overwhelmed I became; Already defeated before the fight.

Two days ago, I called a local company that was hiring part-time and pay pay was reasonable. the conversation was going well until the question came up: How many years experience I had with accounting to which I responded: ''honestly none yet because I have just finished my certification process" to which she said: ''oh, I'm so sorry but we need someone with at least 4 years experience" I took a long pause so the cynical guy in me could take over the conversation and he said: where can I get that experience If I don't start somewhere, maybe I can get it from working with you? She didn't even allow me to finish the sentence to which she interjected a resounding NO, no, I'm sorry but you need bring a good amount of experience to the table and you have none and we can't risk it. So we ended the conversation right there and then.

I took a long and deep breath and I did that  I was washed over with this feeling of rage and disappointment for I was reminded of the courses, webinars, books I paid for like Notary Public, Drop shipping, Expediting, Medical Courier, to name a few. now this. WTF. I'm not throwing in the towel just yet but I'd like to know where the fuck I can find places that are willing to work with newbies like me? I need to make this shit work, I'm not getting any younger and I got a family to take care of. I don't want to live off welfare at the same I'm quite fed up with reading, attending webinars, and watching lengthy YouTube videos; please anyone point me to the right direction and I'll be in your debt for the rest of my life.