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How to:

  • Post returned checks
  • Withhold from car allowances
  • Know when to take, or refuse, a prompt-payment discount
  • Record checks made out to cash
  • Prove expenses if canceled checks are lost
  • Correct W-2 errors the easy way
  • Prepare internal income statements
  • Set up successful collection calls

Plus: Often overlooked overtime pay rules under the new law.

  • Who must be paid overtime
  • There is no overtime pay for these hours
  • Include these payments in overtime pay computations
  • Do paid days off count as hours worked?
  • When you can use comp time

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Put key changes at your fingertips:

  • Change #3: Reimburse remote employees tax-free with “working condition fringes.”
  • Change #7: How telecommuter employees change your state/local taxes and reporting.
  • Change #11: “Accountable plans” restore tax breaks to owners and employees.
  • Changes #15: Maximizing tax breaks for employee work-at-home expenses.
  • Change #17: Deduct a theft or casualty loss in the right year.
  • Changes #18: “Our CPA did it” does not excuse late filing.


  • Change #9: Employee or IC? State v. federal regs.
  • Change #20: Did your firm issue refunds? Better have proof.

And more.

How to protect yourself

  • if you sign company checks
  • if you withhold taxes on paychecks
  • against liability for company loans
  • against liability for company notes
  • against liability for retirement plans
  • against inadvertent disclosure

How to protect your company or client

  • 9 easy ways to prevent bad check losses
  • 5 ways to protect company bank accounts and other cash
  • 12 policies that prevent fraud
  • 15 signs that employees are stealing

And more.