Mastering Adjusting Entries: Reviews

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by Patricia Hile on Mastering Adjusting Entries

This book has been extremely beneficial. The format is perfect. It will be a great reference book.

by Mittal Patel on Mastering Adjusting Entries

I really like the way it explained in details,
Easily understandable.

by PRAVIN PATEL on Mastering Adjusting Entries

great, informative and helpful

by Janice Lima on Mastering Adjusting Entries

Enjoyed the course

by C Nagarajan Sridhar on Mastering Adjusting Entries

The examples and quizes are excellent and drives home the message to becoming a take cahrge bookkeeper.

I am new to bookkeeping only about 2 1/2 years experience, we use QBO and QBD software. This book really helped me to learn the basics with debits and credits. Software does this work for you and now that I have much better understanding of bookkeeping I can use this information to make the software work better for my clients.

Material great, presentation great, I just need more practice.

Really made the accounting cycle more clear to me.

The contents are great. Only one confusing part (as I've been doing bookkeeping a bit), CPA&Auditors use the expression "deferred revenue" instead of "Revenue collected in Advance" or "Unearned revenue" in real practice. It would be nice to add "deferred revenue" expression in your course. Or, my understanding wrong ?


Great refresher course!

Very informative and helpful.

I found this to be a very user friendly book to study.

I really like the illustrations and practice exams at the end of each chapter. I wouldn't mind going through more practice exams. I'm just about to take the exam at the end of the book, and I feel confident this book has prepared me for it.

Very useful test for me.

5 stars

I found this a little ha, I had trouble with the use of the word debit and credit. I was under the impression that should only apply to the journal entry and did get mixed up when it also used to the explain the transaction.

Absolute garbage and the customer service sucks. Spent 60 dal's one ONE PART of the entire book and they refused to return the money when I said I'd rather buy the entire book from amazon. Never buying this again.

Very helpful.

The manual is very useful. I haven't taken any of the courses yet, but I'm planning on it in the near future.

This is definitely a great refresher especially after several years of doing accounting. With everything electronic today sometimes we forget the basics. I take the quizzes several times throughout to ensure I know material

Great information!

very very appreciated to learn that

I thought the course materials were great. Examples & practice tests help my confidence going into the test at Prometric. However, the practice exam was nothing like the Prometric exam. I ran out of time and almost failed!

Easy to follow. Double quizzes helped reinforce terms.

Good course to take if it is a refresher to keep on top of one's craft.

This course helped me solidify existing knowledge. I am much better at adjusting entries after taking the course.

The text was clear and understandable

I thought the course information was detailed, well written and easy to understand. I plan on moving forward with the next course.

Good information on one used the adjusting entries, reminded me of the principal accounting course..

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