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Which one is better Quickbooks Online or Desktop?

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Although QuickBooks application is the most popular accounting software across the globe, both of these options have their own set of advantages and drawbacks. Choosing the right accounting platform is a critical decision for any business as the whole financial workflow depends on it. Features of QuickBooks would be similar in both cases, but let us take a look at the available options for a better understanding.

QuickBooks Desktop is the featured product by Intuit. The application contains all the advanced attributes that make the application the most used by accounting professionals. The only drawback is that the software runs locally.

QuickBooks Online, as the name suggests, is the website version of the software that can be accessed through the internet. But it lacks a few features that may be required by some.

The best option here is QuickBooks cloud hosting, that gives all features of the desktop version but can also be accessed through the internet on any device and at any point of time. Hosting also adds multiple benefits through the cloud service provider, thus making it the most efficient option available.

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QBD advantage: Full use of software, uninhibited by internet speed.
QBO has a monthly fee. The licensing fee is only good for one company file.
QBD advantage: Cost effective.
QBD advantage: $250 for the desktop version for all 5 companies for 3 years.
QBD advantage: The file is on your computer – it belongs to you.

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QuickBooks Desktop is your answer. It is the better and more comprehensive accounting software that provides advanced customizable reports to get deeper insights into your accounts. It will also speed up the payroll management and tax return filing processes.

However, a much better option to further enhance QuickBooks with cloud technology benefits, you can choose QuickBooks Hosting. It is just the desktop version hosted on cloud servers to help you reduce business operations costs and improve overall efficiency.

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