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What are the steps to Enter Previous Tax Payments in QuickBooks?  


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20/10/2020 2:04 pm  

When you move to QuickBooks Payroll service, you need ways to Enter Previous Tax Payments in QuickBooks. Entering historic or old payments in QuickBooks payroll ensures that your accounts are properly reconciled and it also ensures that you are not going to get any penalties from federal or state tax agencies. The steps listed below apply to all the versions of QuickBooks.

  • Open QB and go to Workers.
  • Click on employees.
  • Choose to Get Started with payroll.
  • Fill in the information.

Hopefully, you can successfully Enter Previous Tax Payments in QuickBooks using the steps mentioned above. In case, if you are having any trouble entering that tax payments in QuickBooks or need the help of an expert with the procedure, then you can reach us at our direct helpline number TFN (844)-932-1139.

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28/10/2020 3:52 pm  

The answer to this question depends whether you are using Quickbooks Desktop or Quickbooks Online. It also depends when you signed up for payroll if you are using Quickbooks Online, and which payroll product you have. Some of my payroll clients using Quickbooks Online have old payroll products: specifically Quickbooks Payroll Online. Others have Full Service payroll, and the newest ones have the latest products: Online Payroll Core, and Online Payroll Premium. 

As a small tax preparation and bookkeeping company (non-CPA), we service very small local businesses (10 employees or less generally). 

Anyway, it has been too long since I used Quickbooks Desktop payroll, so I would need to refer that one to someone else. For Quickbooks online payroll, if you or your client has Quickbooks Payroll Online (formerly known as Essentials), you can simply input previous tax information as described above. However, if you have Full Service, or any of their other new payroll products, including Core payroll, you will need to contact the Quickbooks payroll team to put in a tax adjustment, since their Full Service system does not allow you to put this in yourself, unless you are in the process of setting up your payroll for the first time. (In 2020, ALL new payroll subscriptions only have the option of Core, Premium, and Enterprise - we don't use enterprise because we deal with very small clients.)  


Keep in mind, they update Quickbooks Online regularly (often monthly), and things change quickly. Annual re-certification is recommended to keep up with the changes.


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