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What are the benefits of QuickBooks Cloud Accounting?

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If you find your bookkeeping process tedious and creating important financial reports a bit frustrating, it might be time to consider using a cloud-based accounting software such as QuickBooks Online.
Cloud-based accounting software can help streamline all of your accounting processes and it benefits your business in several different ways.

Simple GST Compliance
If you’re like most small business owners, you want to make it as easy as possible to file your GST returns. To do this, consider using GST-enabled accounting software — it automatically applies GST to all of your invoices, allowing you to pull important financial documents quickly so you’re ready to file your return.

You can also use your accounting software as a reminder to file your GST returns. Simply set up the software by entering in the monthly, quarterly, and annual due dates for your GST returns.

Save Time With Automation
Most cloud-based accounting solutions let you create automatic workflows that save you time. For example, you can enter your vendor’s information into the system and set up a workflow that automatically pays that vendor on the due date each month.

You can also automatically send recurring invoices to your customers once their information is entered into the system.

View Real-Time Data
Cloud-based accounting software connects to your business bank accounts and can help you track inventory, sales, and expenses. As long as you keep everything up-to-date on a regular basis, you know you’re always seeing real-time data.

Access Financial Data Anywhere
Cloud-based software is accessed via the internet so you won’t be tethered to your office. By using cloud-based accounting software, you can check your company’s financial information from the office, your home, or even via your mobile device.

Makes Collaboration Easy
If you don’t like compiling financial reports for your accountant, using cloud-based accounting software is a good option for you.

Because the software and all of your financial information is hosted in the cloud, it can be accessed from anywhere and you can set up access for your accountant so they can log into the software as needed.

You can also control the amount of access you give to your employees. For instance, if you have an employee processing your payroll, you can give that employee access to the payroll portion of the software without letting them have access to your bank accounts.


I hope this information will be helpful!

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