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How to fix QuickBooks error 1402?

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QuickBooks Desktop Error 1402 is an Installation error that comes when there is some problem during the installation process. An incomplete/ improper installation that leads to essential components missing leads to QuickBooks Error 1402.

The user will encounter error message 1402 that says ‘Couldn’t Open Key.’ A faulty installation misses on downloading essential files which are critical for running the software, and a corrupted installation leads to software misbehaving.

Causes of QuickBooks Error 1402
Below given are some of the reasons that lead to QuickBooks Error 1402 on your screen.

A corrupted QuickBooks Installation file.
A damaged CD while installing from the CD.
Inappropriate or incomplete Installation
Windows not updated to the latest version.
How to Fix QuickBooks Error Code 1402?
There are few recommended ways in which you can amend this error. In this article, we will enumerate three such methods. Let’s look at them:

Method 1
Use QuickBooks Install Tool

There is a QuickBooks Install Tool that is equipped to address all Installation issues. To use the tool, you need to Install it from Intuit and then Run the tool.

First, download the QuickBooks Install Tool from the Intuit website
Now, close any running programs
Run the tool after this. It might take approximately 20 minutes as per your network and speed of the system to finish the process.
Next, Restart Windows once the process is complete.
Method 2
Update Windows & Install missing Updates.

Improper QuickBooks Installation can also happen if the Operating System is not updated efficiently.

Click the Windows icon from the bottom of the Desktop (start option)
Now perform Windows Update and select on ‘Check for Updates’
Install the pending updates
Restart the computer after the updates


I hope both these methods will be helpful!

Mark Wilson


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