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Consolidated A/P report across multiple entities?  


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22/06/2020 4:11 pm  

I am using QuickBooks Enterprise 16.  I have over 30+ different companies, and I need a consolidated A/P summary report.  Just like a consolidated PnL and BS.  Problem is, QB doesn't offer a consolidated A/P report.  Does anyone have any suggestions or work arounds?  Right now, I have to login into and out of every single entity, pull the A/P report, dump it into Excel and then do my consolidation.  Just wondering if there is a better way??

 Lorin Browning
(@Lorin Browning)
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28/06/2020 7:44 pm  

It's easy to do this in Premier using the CLASS tool. But if the tool has not been in use, each entry may have to be updated with perhaps an extraordinary reliance on personal memory and an excessive amount of time.  

Using the CLASS tool is a very common tool used by not-for-profits to track multiple funds in reports. Those doing not-for-profit accounting do not have to design a new set of reports for each fund: only only has to filter by CLASS.

Suggestion:  Try using the CLASS tool for a month or so.  You may decide to adopt the tool in future reporting.  

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10/07/2020 4:40 pm  

@Lorin Browning - Hi Lorin!  The CLASS feature will not work for this situation as I have 30+ different entities.  Different companies, sets of books, eins.  30 separate balance sheets.  30 separate PnL's.  I need a way to consolidate the A/P report for all 30 companies.


Any ideas?


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