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Benefits of QuickBooks hosting!  


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18/12/2019 9:20 am  

Is QuickBooks hosting a good idea? How can QuickBooks hosting can help small businesses?

Genuine answers would be helpful!



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Every business is different.  Hosting can be expensive.  There is no correct answer.

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29/12/2019 10:56 pm  

We are currently deciding if we should switch to hosting or online. Hosting is cheaper than the online, but it's still a monthly subscription. The price is more than just purchasing desktop. However, with the hosting option: your payroll subscriptions are included, you get up to 50 company files included, your QB files are automatically updated and backed up by QB hosting. You always have the most current version of QB. You can select how many users you want to have logged in at one time. It is a great option to be able to access files and monitor others work. Just a few things to consider. As the other person said, it is about what is best for your company. However, I think they should've given you a bit more background on the products so you know what is best. I hope this information helps you. The online version doesn't have all the options that the desktop or hosting does, specifically with payroll I have found. They do offer other things that the desktop and hosting doesn't though. I'd test out the free QB online testing that QB offers. Just google it and it takes you to a fake file. Also, call and talk to a QB specialist if you have questions specific to your company. Good luck!

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03/01/2020 8:51 am  

Well, it’s a big question that many accountants and CPAs do confront with, and they have there reasons for that just like the way once I was.

They must be satisfied and comfortable with their QuickBooks desktop version and then why to create a hazle to move to another version.

Now, firstly, it's not such a big deal to move your business and work to the QuickBooks hosting version. You need an excellent QuickBooks hosting provider, and they will guide you to set up the system that too free of cost.

And the second thing is the main focus of this answer which is " is QuickBooks Hosting a good option?". And the answer is "of course it is a good option." and I have reasons to say that.

The QuickBooks Hosting has all the features of the desktop version so there will be no change when it comes to the features, functionality, and interface.

Other than that, you have to pay only for the license of QuickBooks and the hosting services, so you can say you have to pay for what you use and when you use it.

Moreover, there are various benefits also for using hosted version such as-

1. Excellent Team-collaborations

2. Data Backup and recovery

3. Remote accessibility through windows virtual desktop on azure (Access files and software anytime and anywhere with your device that has internet connections). Learn more about what is windows virtual desktop (WVD)

4. High security

5. Reduced IT maintenance cost and many more

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26/01/2020 4:12 pm  


I skimmed through your topic and I too went through the same issue because I work for an electrical contractor. As far as I remember (and my memory is good when it comes to money) to have QB desktop hosted it was the cost of the desktop licenses plus a monthly fee of close to $150. I don't think that's cheap at all. However, after signing up for QB online, then canceling and buying QB Desktop Premier we made the right choice. My boss rarely uses it and if he needs it he can just remote into my computer using VNC Viewer which is $50/year. A bargain compared to $150/month. It amazes me how good QB is but does not offer QB desktop versions as online versions. My old company used QB Desktop hosted on our network server but that was cost effective because we had an IT guy and a network.


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