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Common Essay Types - An Overview




To be successful in your academic years, you must know how to write an essay. There is also a great need to understand the different types of essays that you should be writing. Your teachers will seldom tell you exactly, so you need to be able to figure it out from the question you have been asked. Once you’ve identified the right type of essay to answer the question you will know how to structure it and what type of content to include.


Most online essay writing service categorize their essays into four broad types. But we think there is more to these types. In order to make things simpler for the average person, we will define eight categories for the general purpose of understanding.


Compare and Contrast Essays



For this essay, you are given two overlapping topics that seem to be similar at the first glance that you have to compare and contrast. To write this essay, I suggest that you prepare carefully. This is one of the reasons I hire online services to write my essay for me. Just remember to make a detailed analysis of the similarities and differences.


Cause and Effect Essays



Although the name seems self-explanatory, we need to remember several causes can contribute to a single effect, and conversely, one cause could result in several effects. For example, several factors contributed to the US involvement in the First World War (multiple causes, single effect). However, being in the war had several effects on the US (single cause multiple effects).


 Narrative Essays



If you like creative writing, these will be among your favorite essays. In a narrative essay, you tell a story. Remember, it has a beginning followed by a number of events that lead up to an ending. Plan carefully!


Descriptive Essays



In this type of essay, you’re painting a word picture. You can certainly include some facts, but you’ll focus on the experience, what it feels like, looks like, smells or sounds like. Your aim is to draw the reader in so he or she can experience what you are writing about in the same way you experienced it.


Definition Essays



A definition gives an overview of what something is. Although a definition is short, a definition essay discusses a complex concept in much greater depth than you would get from a few lines. They’re most often used to discuss philosophical or abstract topics.


Argumentative Essays



Are you opinionated? Good! The argumentative essay explains your opinions and the reasons why you believe they’re right. You can even look at some possible counter-arguments and why you believe they’re wrong. Ultimately, you’re trying to get your reader to agree with you, so the more facts you can present to support your points, the better.


Critical Essays



Essay writer doesn’t have to criticize the thing you’re writing about unless you think there is a reason for it, but you’ll be evaluating it critically. You’ll provide reasons why you think something was well done or badly done. If you think it was great, why did you think so? Are there any faults that bothered you? Why did they bother you? What evidence can you present to support your opinion?


Persuasive Essays



In a way, these are similar to argumentative essays, but they’re not quite the same. An argumentative essay will hit people with the facts, while a persuasive essay has a softer touch and may appeal to moral values or emotions. See it as the difference between winning a debate and winning someone over to support a cause. There are differences, but also similarities.




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