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"It will take about 17 million years to complete": Google on the creation of a "runner" with a dinosaur from Chrome


The browser-built Dino game is four years old.


The No Internet Connection minigame was added to Chrome in September 2014 as an Easter egg. For the anniversary, the developers of the browser talked about how they created an endless "runner".


The idea came to them in a few months, and they decided to add the google dinosaur game as a joke.


When you don't have Wi-Fi, you are back in "prehistoric times."


Cacti and Desert were already in the first version of the No Connection page, and in style we tried to stick to pixel art, just like in other illustrations for errors.


Sebastian Gabriel
Google Chrome designer
The game itself was also specially made in retro style. It is codenamed Project Bolan, a reference to T.Rex lead singer Mark Bolan.


The Chrome UX engineer in charge of the runner has worked on something like this for the first time. Therefore, he had to understand the structure of the game mechanic and how to make it run on different devices.


The very first version worked disgustingly on older Android mobile systems, so I had to rewrite it from scratch. But by December 2014, I had already adapted it for all platforms.


Edward Jung
Google Chrome UX Engineer
According to Google employees, the mini-game is played 270 million times every month. Most of the users are from countries where internet connections are not the most reliable, such as India, Brazil and Indonesia.


Over time, the dinosaur became so popular that the developers added a special link (chrome://dino) to the browser to play at any time. At the same time, they introduced the ability for system administrators to disable the game on local networks so that employees would not be distracted by it at work.


When asked how long it will take to complete the "runner", Google jokes.


We have set such a limit that it will take about 17 million years. About the same number as tyrannosaurs existed on Earth.

But, probably, the "space" on your keyboard will not stand this.

Edward Jung
Google Chrome UX Engineer



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