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Best Formatting Guide for a Research Paper – 2021




Writing a research paper is one of the most challenging tasks for students. An essay writer requires professionalism and should be formatted in a particular way. That is why professional writers advise that a detailed outline should be formed before writing a research paper. The research paper outline should be formed in the same format as that of a research paper so that it is easier to put all the information in the final draft of the paper. Before discussing the format of a research paper students should know some key components of the outline.


Important components of the research paper outline include;


The selection of a relevant topic


The first and most important step is to choose an appropriate topic for your research paper. The purpose of the outline is to see whether the writer has enough material available on a certain topic to write a research paper. If the writer is comfortable with all the information gathered in the outline they could easily produce a quality research paper. Most professional writers believe that such a topic should be selected which lies within the strengths of the writer.


Developing the main argument of the research paper


Once the topic is decided it is important for the writer to develop the main argument in the research paper outline. The outline enables you to assess whether the main argument of the paper is valid or not. In the outline, the content can be easily changed and altered but once the final draft is produced no changes can be made. The main objective of the outline is to do all the brainstorming and research on the topic and then arrange it according to the format provided to the writer.


The following format should be used when writing a research paper:


The format that is used by most professional writers for a research paper includes an introduction, literature review, methodology, results, discussion, and then the conclusion. This is the set format that is used for research papers written all around the globe.




This is the first section of a research paper. In this part, the writer has to include the basic information regarding the topic and the background of why this topic was chosen by the writer. This paragraph has to finish with a strong thesis statement that introduces the main argument by the writer.


Literature Review


This section sums up all the studies which have been previously carried out on your selected topic. The essay writing service should ensure to include peer-reviewed articles and research papers to bring quality content to their document. Mentioning the literature gap of these studies is also an important part of the literature review.




The writer explains how the data and information for the research paper were collected. The methodology section also identifies the appropriate methods which will be used to get the results of the study which the writer is carrying out.




The most important section of a research paper is the results. In this section, you have to state whether the methodology used in the paper was effective in achieving the desired results of the study. The results are then compared to show whether the stance of the writer was right or wrong.




The discussion part of the paper highlights the things which have to be improved in your research. It also discusses the results that are obtained in the research and how they are connected to the topic.




The conclusion should restate the thesis statement and then briefly discusses all the arguments presented in the paper. The writer should also include their opinion about the research and the results obtained in his part. This is the last section of the research paper hence the writer should try to leave an impact on the reader by giving relevant recommendations related to the study.


In recent times research papers have become easier to write due to various online essay writing service centers. Students should take maximum advantage of them and reduce their academic burden by consulting these centers. 


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