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Has anyone had experience with payroll processing? What is your impression of this service?

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 Katherine Dennis
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Hi! My assistant and I essentially run the HR department at a vanity press with 60-70 employees working in three different locations. When I first took this position in 2016, we used paycheck city's services to do all of our employee payroll. In an attempt to keep costs down, I used as many of their free services as I could-- especially the payroll and various tax calculators. 

I thought these services were great-- dependable, versatile, and most importantly, accurate. We also did okay using them to process our actual payroll. Unfortunately, we doubled our staff after a regional competitor shut down and we started to feel constrained by paycheck city's limitations. It does what it does very well; it's just that as we grew and had people working in different places for different rates of pay, we needed software that was a little more comprehensive. We ended up going with a full-fledged HRMS called Time Clock Wizard. Their site is right here:

It's kind of a case of apple and oranges because Time Clock Wizard does so much more internal HR, but I needed something more all-in-one. I started out with their free payroll software, and found that it was at least as good as Paycheck City's, although I do remember finding some of information and links useful. But for a company that's trying to expand, I would go with Time Clock Wizard every time. 


You can try some of their free software here:




Oh well. I hope that proves helpful in some way and good luck with your decision!!!




Katherine P. Dennison        


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