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What are the useful tools for remote bookkeeping

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I would like to know if there are any tools available for remote bookkeeping.



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I've been using Dokka - a document management system that helps me use source documents to code the transactions into QBO. I can also talk to my client about a specific document or even select a line item on the bank statement and they will be able to reply on that issue. I love Dokka. 

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Zoom- for virtual face to face meetings with clients (they offer a free basic account) and you can use it to screen share if needed.

HubDoc or Receipt Bank- reasonably priced and clients can upload/scan receipts, invoices other docs from a computer or a phone app. - both link to QBO and Zero I believe and I think RB might link to Sage as well.  HubDoc claims to use bank level security and you have unlimited document storage (forever). You can also have them link their bank accounts/credit cards and it will upload their statements automatically.  (I prefer Hubdoc)

ClickUp- nice project management tool


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There are many tools are available, but I recommend you on the base of my experience, I personally use slack, chanty, zoom, freshdesk, and jira, these all are very generous, you can easily create unlimited customers tickets, these save a lot of time and you can easily check your employees work because working from home is very chalnaging and it's hard to watch what our employees do, these apps will help you alot.

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Slack, zoom


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