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Receipts for 501C3 when small goods "are" exchanged  


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03/01/2020 8:29 am  

What is the correct terminology for a receipt when a "book" is given in exchange for the donation?  It is not a sale, and the value of the book is not always the same % of the donation.  We don't want to use the terminology indicating "no goods or services were exchanged...." because that is not true.  Suggestions?  and Thank you!!

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09/01/2020 9:58 am  

Terrie, you might consider a Facebook group Quickbooks for non profits. They are quite helpful and until this board gets more active will answer questions much more quickly. I recently posted on something similar, join the group and look up memberships for dog training. The answers will be relevant. I posted the same question here but this forum is now and the regulars from the old aipb email discussion just don't visit. 

Kelley Cantrell

 Terrie Reed
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09/01/2020 9:59 am  


Thank you!



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