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Returning to Accounting/Bookkeeping after 8 years

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Hello all, first time poster here.

Ten years ago I graduated with a BA in accounting. After two years, I made the decision to pursue a different line of work (pilot). Then 2020 happened, the pandemic put an end to that line of work, probably for a good amount of time. 

So now I'm looking to get back into accounting. Eight years of not thinking about accounting, however, is not helping my prospects. I need to refresh my knowledge and put a certification in my resume/link

The question I have is what kid of preparation I need to take this CPB exam. Do I need a more intensive review of my old textbooks, then purchase a study program and only then sit for the test. Or, should I just go ahead and purchase the program and see if that works out? 

I guess an easier way to put it is, how much knowledge/experience did you have prior to sitting for the exam? 

Thanks for any help! 




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The best thing to do if you want to be an AIPB Certified Bookkeeper, is to purchase their courses, and study them, answer the questions in the back of the books, and do it again and again, so you know the answers, without looking them up.  Then sit for the exam.  This will not only refresh your memory on some things, it will also help you understand, how they form their questions on the Exam.  



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