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7 membership benefits of belonging to AIPB that help you get the recognition you deserve as a professional and keep your skills and knowledge up to date
Becoming a Certified Bookkeeper (CB), gives you the right to put “CB” after your name and, according to the U.S. Dept. of Labor, means that you will have “the best job prospects” (Occupational Outlook Handbook).
The AIPB jobs web site helps you find the best bookkeeping jobs, or new clients for your freelance practice, at no charge.
Advance your skills, knowledge and career with self-study courses taken right in your home or office.
The Members Only area includes special resources provided only to AIPB members.
Chat Rooms for professional bookkeepers let you talk with colleagues, get new ideas, ask questions, share knowledge.
Bookkeeping Tips, one valuable bookkeeping, tax, payroll, filing or recordkeeping tip e-mailed to you each week—free.
Accounting, Bookkeeping & Tax Links connect you to over 150 free bookkeeping, accounting and tax calculators, forms, tables, templates,  glossaries—all useful, all free
Free Bookkeeper’s Hiring Test helps employers quickly evaluate job candidates for bookkeeper at no change. Free 10-question test with optional free sections on payroll, depreciation and inventory.

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Here's just a sampling of what you get in each monthly issue:

You get the latest bookkeeping, accounting and tax news:

In minutes, you pick up the latest rules for cutting pay or hours for hourly v. salaried workers . . . unpaid work hours that must be paid (70% of employers don't know what they are) . . . what turns supervisors back into hourly workers (with years of overtime pay due) . . . how to withhold on personal use of company cars . . . and more.

You keep current on bookkeeping and reporting techniques—such as how to:

Book company credit card invoices that include employees' personal charges . . . record leases at signing and each month . . . withhold on summer and part-time workers and owners' children . . . withhold v. not withhold on bonuses, gifts, awards and prizes . . . correct 941 and W-2 errors . . . and more.

You get time- and money-saving charts and tablessuch as:

Fringe-Benefits Chart: What Goes Where on the W-2, 941 and 940 . . . Tax Write-off Table for Company Vehicles (and the owner's car) . . . State-by-State Rules for Giving a Final Paycheck . . . State-by-State Rules for What Goes on Employee Pay Stubs . . . Tracking Chart: Where to Find That Source Document or Original Transaction.

You get practical tips—here are 5 right now:
1. If a customer gives you a postdated check, book it as Notes Receivable (not Cash).
2. Former workers who consult and do the same job as before are employees—not ICs.

3. You do not have to include paid holidays and sick days to determine overtime pay.

4. You use landscaper Ed Lee, DBA, Lee Enterprises; on the 1099, use "Ed Lee."

5. A note extended to a customer is recorded at face (not maturity) value.

I'm sold. Enroll me now.

You keep up with your professional readingeven when you don't have time.
We scan 100s of accounting, tax, and business publications, then find and condense the 6-10 most useful nuggets for bookkeepers—so you catch up in minutes!

You sharpen your skills with a Bookkeeper's Quiz in each issue. Try one:
1. Are new tires for the company car depreciated or expensed?
2. FOB shipping point is recorded as inventory on the date of _____.
3. Repair bills are expensed provided that the repairs do not _____ the life of the asset.

4. When you distribute profits to owners, do you debit or credit retained earnings?
5. Do reimbursements of an IC's substantiated expenses go on a 1099?

1. depreciated    2. shipment    3. extend    4. debit    5. no

You get a monthly tax-deposit memory joggera payroll Tax Calendar.
Each month you get deposit dates for all semiweekly and monthly deposit periods.

You put monthly and annual rates and numbers at your fingertips:


 Monthly CPI-U (urban areas)

 2017 IRS auto depreciation limits

 Monthly AFR rates

 2017 FICA rates and wage limits

 Latest federal cents-per-mile rates

 2017 FUTA rates

 Key IRS phone numbers

 2017 retirement plan limits

 Key SSA phone numbers

 MACRS tables for 5-/7-yr property


  • State-by-state news on reporting and payroll requirements
  • Everyday bookkeeping questionsand answers
  • Practice management and marketing tips from successful freelancers



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